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Data Methodology

Convergence maintains the largest and most detailed database of historical blended finance transactions in the market. While this database is not fully comprehensive, it does give a sense of the scale of blended finance. Convergence is continually building out this database to draw better insights about the market.

Data is collected from i) credible public sources like press releases, ii) data sharing agreements, and iii) validation exercises with Convergence members. To be included in Convergence’s database, a deal must meet three main criteria:

  1. The transaction attracts financial participation from one or more commercial investors that would otherwise not have invested in the opportunity
  2. The transaction uses catalytic capital in one of the following ways:
    • Public/philanthropic investors are concessional within the capital structure
    • Public/philanthropic investor provided guarantees or risk insurance priced below market-rate
    • Transaction design or preparation is grant funded
    • Transaction is associated with a Technical Assistance facility
  3. The transaction intends to create development impact related to the SDGs in developing countries, or directly impacts beneficiaries in developing countries