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18 Jan 23

An Overview of Blended Finance: What is it and how does it work?

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On October 4, 2022 Convergence participated in the Transition Finance towards Net Zero: Scaling Blended Finance conference. The conference, which took place in Singapore, was organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore with knowledge partners McKinsey & Company and Convergence. Watch Convergence CEO Joan Larrea's presentation on the basics of blended finance.

The power of blended finance lies in its ability to pool capital from public, private and philanthropic sectors to achieve superior development outcomes and contribute to the SDGs in developing countries. This session introduced the concept of blended finance and demonstrated how, where and when this approach is best deployed. It also provided an overview of the blended finance landscape and covered the role of the various stakeholders in the space.

How does blended finance mobilize commercial capital by altering the risk and return paradigm? How can various stakeholders support a transaction whilst concurrently achieving their organizational objectives?

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