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Blending Capitals for Peace: An Approach to Peace in Colombia Through Blended Finance & The Blockchain

The BC.lab

The report is an exploration of how peace and sustainable development may manifest in some of the most vulnerable rural communities in Colombia – those in the post-conflict zones – in the form of direct & indirect support of the advancement of entrepreneurial ventures through public, private, and civil society partnerships. This journey takes us on a review of the more recent, promising advances in collective, integrative thinking - neuroscience & human developmental theory, blockchain & distributed ledger technology (DLT), mobile tagging, artificial intelligence, integrated reporting, impact investing, blended finance, and blending capitals. With these relatively nascent technologies at our disposal, humanity has an opportunity to reframe an old adage: It takes a planet to raise a village.


    25 Sep 17
    Policy and Research Reports
    Region Focus
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