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Blended Finance in the Least Developed Countries

UNCDF, Convergence, OECD, Southern Voice, UN Foundation

This publication aims to understand how blended finance solutions are working for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Some of the questions this report addresses include: Can blended finance be part of the solution in getting more finance to where it is needed most? Can blended finance help propel LDCs on an upward trajectory to the SDGs, and—if so—what challenges and risks should be considered and mitigated? How can blended finance be effectively and efficiently deployed in LDCs, so that projects support national ownership and generate additionality? Can blended operations in LDCs crowd in investors, especially domestic investors, while also creating demonstration effects that can support commercial replication and inform government-led policy improvements?

These questions come as investors increasingly want to invest for impact, and are looking for new opportunities to invest not only to generate profit, but also to create positive SDG outcomes that help tackle poverty, empower women and safeguard our environment.

    05 Nov 18
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