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Mobilizing Money and Movements: Creative Finance for Food Systems Transformation

Global Alliance for the Future of Food, Transformational Investing in Food Systems

By continuing a business-as-usual approach to the global food systems, we continue to perpetuate negative externalities that diminish the quality of food produced, undermine the rights and well-being of farmers and producers, and perversely affects soil, water quality and biodiversity. Thus, we need a transformation in the way we invest in our food systems that will create a healthy and equitable food systems for communities and the environment.

This report provides a roadmap for investors for creative finance strategies that support entrepreneurs, farmers, activists and social movements that transform local food economies and achieve a sustainable, equitable and secure food systems. Transformational business models require a blended finance approach in order to accelerate their environmental and social impact. Many food-system initiatives and transformational businesses have benefitted from catalytic, blended and flexible as well as grants and technical assistance.

    01 May 22
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    Agricultural Inputs / Farm Productivity, Agriculture Finance, Agro-Forestry, Agro-Processing, Climate Resilient / Sustainable Agriculture