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Blended Finance 2.0– Giving voice to the Private Sector


BlueOrchard conducted a survey among its private sector investors to identify the underlying motivations for private investors to use blended finance as an investment mechanism. The main findings of the survey show: I) the desire of private investors for blended finance mandates, and II) their requirements and preferences in regards to a number of variables that can be tailored to ensure the broader participation of the private sector.

BlueOrchard has elaborated a new vision of blended finance: “Blended Finance 2.0” by I) building on these findings and on the testi- monials from a large group of stakeholders (including public and private sector representatives, policy leaders and think tanks), and II) leveraging BlueOrchard’s extensive experience in blended finance. The mobilization of private capital takes the center stage within this new framework

    01 Oct 18
    Policy and Research Reports
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