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Advancing Practice in Catalytic Capital Guidance Note 2 - The Scaling Role

Courageous Capital Advisors

The Catalytic Capital Consortium (C3) is an investment, learning, and market development initiative to promote greater and more effective use of catalytic capital. Together, the C3 Strategic Partners - The Rockefeller Foundation, Omidyar Network, and the MacArthur Foundation - are supporting field-building work through the C3 Grantmaking Program.

This is the second in a series of three publications. Each publication focuses on one of the three “roles” catalytic capital can play when supporting an investee, as delineated by Tideline in 2019: Seeding, Scaling, and Sustaining. This second document focuses on the Scaling role, wherein catalytic capital is deployed to funds or enterprises to help them realize economies of scale and reach new geographies and population segments, creating “multiplier effects”. The central focus of this work is to help investors who are already active in deploying catalytic capital (or have set an intention to do so) to address and overcome the practical challenges of catalytic capital deals, in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity of catalytic investment activity.

    30 Nov 22
    Policy and Research Reports
    Region Focus