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Alignment between THK Impact Checklist and IRIS Metrics


Key clarifications for users of this alignment: This metrics crosswalk details the interoperability of the Tri Hita Karana (THK) Roadmap for Blended Finance: Impact working Group Indicators with IRIS metrics. Please note the following when reviewing this alignment: 1) IRIS metrics can used to describe something or to count something. Some IRIS metrics are also expressed as ratios. To properly understand IRIS metrics data, it is correct to combine description metrics with counting metrics. For example, the number of of poor supplier indivdiuals can be expressed through the IRIS metrics, Target Stakeholder Socioeconomics (PD2541) which describes the WHO (in this case poor supploers) and Supplier Individuals: Total (PI5350) which counts the number of supplier individuals. 2) IRIS metrics can be oriented toward individuals or organizations. An organization is a legally recognized entity, including businesses and enterprises. IRIS metrics written at the organization metric level are reported on behalf of the organization. The unit of analysis is the organization. Individuals are people, including clients, students, patients. IRIS metrics writen at the individual level are reported on behalf of the individual. The unit of analysis is the individual. For additional information on IRIS metrics, please visit:

    15 Apr 20
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