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Better Finance, Better Food: Investing in the new food and land use economy

Blended Finance Taskforce

This report argues that a transformation of current food and land use systems has the potential to unlock $4.5 trillion in new business opportunities every year.

"Better Finance, Better Food" identifies a series of inefficiencies in food and land use systems that heighten risks for smallholder farmers and investors alike, including inefficient capital allocation by public and private investors; poor risk assessment methodologies; and public finance support that is misaligned with other stakeholder needs.

To attain sustainable and efficient land and food use systems going forward, new models of capital delivery like blended finance, should be more systematically used. Capital providers should also work to stimulate better partnerships in the space and collectively increase their focus on proven opportunities to influence greater standardization.

    30 Nov 20
    Policy and Research Reports
    Region Focus
    Caribbean, Central Africa, Central America, East Africa, East Asia, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, West Africa
    Sector Focus
    Agriculture, Financial Services
    Sub-Sector Focus
    Agricultural Inputs / Farm Productivity, Agriculture Finance, Agro-Forestry, Climate Resilient / Sustainable Agriculture