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Changing Lives - Private Sector Solutions for Helping Small Farmers


This report looks back at the impact of the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program's (GAFSP) Private Sector Window (PrSW). Launched a decade ago, GAFSP's PrSW has prioritized the use of blended finance to support its efforts to improve the lives of smallholder farmers in poor countries.

Here, GAFSP focuses on how blended finance instruments have enabled greater access to finance among unbanked rural households and farmers who have limited access to working loans for farming inputs; increased the availability of insurance products for climate change-related weather events; or improved availability of banks accounts for day-to-day transactions.

The paper provides three case studies to outline the structuring and benefits of blended finance for agriculture and to contextualize resultant impacts.

    31 Jan 22
    Policy and Research Reports
    Region Focus
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    Agricultural Inputs / Farm Productivity, Agriculture Finance, Agro-Processing, Climate Resilient / Sustainable Agriculture