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Gender & Climate Investment: A strategy for unlocking a sustainable future


Gender-positive investing and climate-sensitive investing are not mutually exclusive.

This report by the GenderSmart Gender & Climate Investment Working Group explores the value of integrating the efforts and goals of investing for gender equality and financing climate mitigation and adaptation. The energy, agriculture and infrastructure sectors are explored in depth, with blended finance spotlighted as a useful tool to bring together gender and climate portfolios in each space.

    26 Feb 21
    Policy and Research Reports
    Region Focus
    Sector Focus
    Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure (Non-Energy)
    Sub-Sector Focus
    Agricultural Inputs / Farm Productivity, Agriculture Finance, Agro-Forestry, Carbon Credits, Climate Resilient / Sustainable Agriculture, Critical Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency / Emissions Reduction, Green Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Off-Grid Energy, Power Transmission and Distribution, Renewable Energy, Transportation Infrastructure, Waste Management Infrastructure, Water Infrastructure