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Gender as Material to Infrastructure Projects: Reaching Better Outcomes by Applying a Gender Lens from Project Inception

Criterion Institute

This paper argues for the application of a gender lens at the earliest stage of developing better infrastructure projects, both in terms of development outcomes and risk-adjusted returns for investors. Gender is material throughout the project lifecycle, as it influences long-term stability at both a project level and in a macro-economic context. Therefore, projects that are conceived and designed with a gender lens present reduced risk. The paper highlights the opportunity for blended finance in influencing the markets at the earliest stage of project development.

    21 Jul 20
    Primers and Toolkits
    Region Focus
    Sector Focus
    Energy, Infrastructure (Non-Energy)
    Sub-Sector Focus
    Critical Infrastructure, Non-Renewable Energy, Off-Grid Energy, Power Transmission and Distribution, Renewable Energy, Telecommunication Infrastructure, Transportation Infrastructure, Waste Management Infrastructure, Water Infrastructure