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How to Measure the Gender Impact of Investments: Using the 2X Challenge Indicators in Alignment with IRIS+

Sonia Jordan-Kirwan & Katharine Tengtio

This guidance note was developed jointly by CDC, GIIN, and the 2X Challenge. It sets out a suite of indicators, mapped to the 2X Challenge criteria, that can be used by investors to establish and monitor the gender impact of their investment and determine eligibility for the 2X Challenge. The guidance also shows how the 2X Challenge indicators map to metrics within the IRIS Catalog of Metrics.

This guidance note is made available to any impact measurement practitioner, investment professional, fund manager or company executive looking to monitor, assess and manage gender impact data within their company or investees. This includes, but is not limited to, those using the 2X Challenge as a framework to define ‘gender-smart’ investments, development finance institutions, multilateral development banks, impact investors, foundations and donor-funded development programmes.

    13 Jul 20
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