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How to Mobilize Private Investment At Scale in Blended Finance

Authored by Convergence

The DFID Impact Programme and Convergence have convened a Working Group of development-focused organizations to collaborate on “scale” blended finance initiatives. The DFID IMPACT Programme has commissioned Convergence to draft three reports: (1) Scaling Blended Finance for the SDGs (December 2019), (2) How to Mobilize Private Investment At Scale in Blended Finance, and (3) Optimal Risk Mitigation Approaches in Blended Finance (forthcoming). Collectively, these three reports provide key information on how to build a more effective and efficient blended finance market that can mobilize private investment at scale.

In this report, Convergence, DFID and stakeholders, re-visit Convergence’s 2018 Report: Who is the Private Sector? Convergence has convened a group of over 20 leading global privates sector investors to reflect on the current state of blended finance to identify key recommendations needed to accelerate the market.

This Report has five sections:

  • Section I provides a summary and background on blended finance
  • Section II reviews alignment between current private sector investment trends and blended finance based on Convergence’s 2018 Report
  • Section III summarizes existing trends in private sector investment in blended finance based on Convergence’s database of 500 blended finance transactions
  • Section IV reviews key opportunities and challenges faced by key segments of the private investment sector
  • Section V presents key takeaways based on observations and recommendations from more than 20 private sector investors
    09 Apr 20
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