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Founded in 2010, is a social enterprise that sells small-scale biogas digesters and appliances. aims to address a set of integrated problems faced by smallholder farmers, who often lack access to the technology, capacity, and financing required to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability. Using its simple and affordable technology, works to advance sustainable agricultural practices and economic prosperity for smallholder farmers by transforming organic waste into renewable biogas and fertilizer.

Over its 10-year history, has grown from a small, regional enterprise to a global company with subsidiaries in Latin America, East Africa and India. The company has used various types of blended capital, including grants, concessional financing, and commercial debt and equity to support its expansion. presents several insights for how other social enterprises can leverage blended finance to expand operations and attract commercial funders:

-Fit-for-purpose fundraising can lead to success for blended finance structures

-Grant capital is most effective when structured for specific risks

-Technical assistance bolsters both financial returns and development impact

-A compelling and consistent impact narrative can lead to successful fundraising

    25 Apr 21
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