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Unlocking Private Capital for African Agriculture - Aceli Africa 2021 Learning Report Year 1

Aceli Africa

Aceli Africa is a market catalyst leveraging public and philanthropic resources to unlock agricultural lending that generates social and environmental impact.

This learning report focuses on:

Lessons from Aceli’s first year implementing financial incentives for lenders.

Aceli’s approach to testing and evaluating how catalytic capital can be optimally targeted to mobilize lending that is additional in the market and generates substantial impact.

Targets for 2022 and aspects of Aceli’s design and initial implementation that may be relevant for blended finance or catalytic capital approaches in other sectors or geographies.

    14 Dec 21
    Policy and Research Reports
    Region Focus
    Sub-Saharan Africa
    Sector Focus
    Sub-Sector Focus
    Climate Resilient / Sustainable Agriculture