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Convergence Blending Global Finance


Convergence is headquartered in Toronto, but we operate globally and have a presence in Nairobi, Kigali, Singapore, La Paz, and Washington DC. We are small but mighty. Our team is passionate about and united around the goal of directing money to where it's needed most - into emerging markets and developing economies and towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We have built a culture defined by our diversity, inclusivity, and ability to get things done. Our team is led by our Chief Executive Officer, Joan M. Larrea.

Joan M. Larrea's Photo

Joan M. Larrea

Chief Executive Officer

Aakif Merchant's Photo

Aakif Merchant

Director, Engagement and Capacity Building and Head of Africa

Christopher Clubb's Photo

Christopher Clubb

Managing Director

David Schwartz's Photo

David Schwartz

Senior Advisor to the CEO, Strategic Partnerships

Heiner W. Skaliks's Photo

Heiner W. Skaliks

Senior Advisor and Head of Latin America and Caribbean

Jon Patell's Photo

Jon Patell

Director, Engineering

Leah Pedersen's Photo

Leah Pedersen

Senior Director, Market Acceleration and Design Innovation

Manissa Patel's Photo

Manissa Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Nnamdi Igbokwe, Ph.D.'s Photo

Nnamdi Igbokwe, Ph.D.

Director, Knowledge and Thought Leadership

Ritesh Thakkar's Photo

Ritesh Thakkar

Senior Advisor and Head of Asia Pacific

Safia Gulamani's Photo

Safia Gulamani

Chief Operating Officer

Karolyn Xie's Photo

Karolyn Xie

Head of Communications (Interim)

Trang Vandelis's Photo

Trang Vandelis

Associate Director, Design Funding and Market Acceleration

Alicia Maitland's Photo

Alicia Maitland

Manager, Training and Engagement

Andrew Apampa, CFA's Photo

Andrew Apampa, CFA

Manager, Content

Ayesha Bery's Photo

Ayesha Bery

Manager, Content

Krishna Malhotra's Photo

Krishna Malhotra

Manager, Market Acceleration and Design Funding

Nicholas Zelenczuk's Photo

Nicholas Zelenczuk

Manager, Content

Olive Munene's Photo

Olive Munene

Manager, Member Engagement

Basil Kandaya's Photo

Basil Kandaya

Senior Associate, Africa

Kanwal Rathi, CFA's Photo

Kanwal Rathi, CFA

Senior Associate, Design Funding and Market Acceleration

Kerala Woods's Photo

Kerala Woods

Senior Associate, Communications

Robin Ivory's Photo

Robin Ivory

Senior Associate, Content

Sneha Thayil's Photo

Sneha Thayil

Senior Associate, Training and Engagement

Stephanie Singh's Photo

Stephanie Singh

Senior Associate, Finance and Operations

Arusha Latif, CFA's Photo

Arusha Latif, CFA

Associate, Market Acceleration and Design Funding

Egwin Fan's Photo

Egwin Fan

Associate, Asia Pacific

Garima Chaulagain's Photo

Garima Chaulagain

Associate, Communications

Ilsa Weinstein-Wright's Photo

Ilsa Weinstein-Wright

Associate, Development Finance Research

Ishwari Sawant's Photo

Ishwari Sawant

Associate, Content

Kayden Danh's Photo

Kayden Danh

Associate, Admin and Operations

Mira Minkara's Photo

Mira Minkara

Associate, Training and Engagement

Shriju Dhakal's Photo

Shriju Dhakal

Associate, Market Acceleration and Design Funding

Thomas An's Photo

Thomas An

Associate, Market Acceleration and Design Funding

Sijia Yi's Photo

Sijia Yi

Head of Communications (on leave)

Catherine You's Photo

Catherine You

Manager, Market Acceleration and Design Funding (on leave)

Regina Rossmann's Photo

Regina Rossmann

Manager, Training and Engagement (on leave)

Shailie Rimal's Photo

Shailie Rimal

Senior Associate, Market Acceleration and Design Funding (on leave)


Board of Directors

The Convergence Board is comprised of 6 members who provide overall guidance and oversight of Convergence. Our Board brings a wealth of experience from the public, private, and philanthropic sectors and draw upon vast experience in international finance and development impact. Our Board is currently chaired by David Creighton, Senior Advisor, BT Global.

David Creighton's Photo

David Creighton

Senior Advisor, BT Global (Chair)

Phil Bennett's Photo

Phil Bennett

Senior Advisor, Endeavor

Rachna Saxena's Photo

Rachna Saxena

Partner, Dalberg Advisors

Stacy Swann's Photo

Stacy Swann

Founder, Resilient Earth Capital

Victoria Sabula's Photo

Victoria Sabula

CEO, Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)

Will Poole's Photo

Will Poole

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Capria

Investment Committee

Convergence's Investment Committee brings extensive experience to objectively evaluate the finalist pool of grant proposals and guides decisions on awards for Convergence's various design funding programs to maximize impact.

Alex Jarman 's Photo

Alex Jarman

Chief Executive, Investing for Good

Amol Mehra's Photo

Amol Mehra

Director of Industry Programmes, Laudes Foundation

Bart Van Eyk's Photo

Bart Van Eyk

Managing Director, VP Capital

Flora Ji's Photo

Flora Ji

Global Vice President, Nature Based Solutions, Shell

Geoffrey Seeto's Photo

Geoffrey Seeto

Head of Emerging Markets, New Forests Asia (Singapore) PTE LTD.

Jennifer Buckley's Photo

Jennifer Buckley

Founder and Managing Director, Sweef Capital

Jesse Ang's Photo

Jesse Ang

Independent Director, BPI/ACEN

Karen Tsang-Hounsell's Photo

Karen Tsang-Hounsell

Head of Business Development, InfraCo Asia

Kaylene Alvarez 's Photo

Kaylene Alvarez

Co-founder, BIDUK Indonesia; Founder & CEO, Athena Global Alliance

Lauren Ferstandig's Photo

Lauren Ferstandig

Managing Director NatureVest, The Nature Conservancy

Lily Han, CFA's Photo

Lily Han, CFA

Director, Innovative Finance, Rockefeller Foundation

Paul Currie's Photo

Paul Currie

Advisor, Office of the CEO, Development Bank of Southern Africa

Ricardo Nogueira's Photo

Ricardo Nogueira

Member, Green Climate Fund's independent Technical Advisory Panel

Sébastien Boyé's Photo

Sébastien Boyé

Co-CEO, Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P)

Sergio Gusmão Suchodolski's Photo

Sergio Gusmão Suchodolski

Executive Vice President VR Investments

Thelma Ekiyor's Photo

Thelma Ekiyor

Managing Partner, SME.NG

Vipul Bhagat's Photo

Vipul Bhagat

Senior Advisor, Castalia

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